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Migrating your contact center to the cloud offers several benefits, including increased flexibility, enhanced feature sets, reduced costs and more. Unfortunately, moving your contact center to the cloud isn’t as simple as flipping a switch or installing a new piece of software. The process involves many critical steps and considerations that must be addressed to ensure success and the optimal performance of your contact center post launch.

Fortunately, there are a number of strategies you can employ to avoid costly mistakes and streamline the implementation of your new cloud contact center solution.

Think Incremental, Not Monumental

It’s natural for companies to want their cloud solution to do everything the legacy system can do right away. But this is not realistic, especially when you consider how long it took to get your system to its current state. Variables like supervisor and agent preferences, terminology and product features will take time to smooth out.

The key is to start small. Perhaps with a few business units. This will give you time to test the system in a controlled manner and train team members along the way. During this time, it’s important not to overwhelm your team with an abundance of features. Start by familiarizing the team with the basics of the product and likely only a few communication channels, like voice and chat. Remember, the goal is to introduce your team to the different functions and features incrementally. Additionally, the right partner can make this process a lot easier. For example, vendors like Genesys offer generous ramp times that allow you to start small and grow to full capacity over a period of time (typically three to four months).

Focus on Improvement, Not Replacement

Many people fear the change management associated with updating or replacing a core system. They reason that agents and supervisors will struggle to accept the change if their workflow is altered in any way. This type of thinking is counterproductive to the purpose of change, which is to make improvements. Help your team embrace change by acknowledging there will be a learning curve, while focusing on how they’ll benefit. Explain how this is a moment to make things better by adding speech to your IVR, utilizing skills-based routing, and evaluating your agents with speech analytics.

Leave Legacy Behind, Don’t Get Trapped

You’ve likely connected various software applications to your contact center over the years, but these are unlikely to play nice with your cloud solution. It can be difficult to leave them behind, especially if you’re still stuck in a commitment. Ultimately, you’ll save money by scrapping these add-ons and fully utilizing the features of your new platform. Platforms like Genesys Cloud provide all-in-one solutions that give you a full set of features to cover all your contact center’s needs.

Look for All-in-One Solutions, Not “Best-of-Breed” Solutions

Many vendors offer a great narrow feature set, like outbound dialing, but then need to pull in external products to complete their solution. The problem is that you’re then stuck managing multiple vendors who blame each other for your IT challenges. Additionally, this dynamic requires separate administration, logins and reporting, further complicating your workflow. Try to find a product that has at least 80% of your essential features and covers at least 60% of the peripheral needs of other departments. Choosing a complete solution allows for more streamlined onboarding, training, administration and supervisor reporting than using several “best-of-breed” solutions.

Choose Experience, Not Flashy Vaporware

There are hundreds of cloud contact center vendors that will wow you with a slick interface and fancy features but offer no depth to the product or experience in the contact center space. You may find vendors are unfamiliar with common industry terms like ACD, barge-in and skills-based routing but insist they have the best platform on the market.

The contact center is your number one communication channel with your customers, and it’s a key to retaining them. Don’t be swayed by uncertain roadmaps and flashy future upgrades. Instead, look to leaders like Genesys and Microsoft who offer complete solutions based on decades of experience developing and deploying contact center and back-office applications.

Avtex is experienced in helping contact centers find the right cloud solution and deploy them across their enterprise. Our team can help you analyze your business and design a solution that fits your needs and budget.

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